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Infertility is defined as not being able to conceive after about a year of unprotected sex. It is said that age of the woman is a major contributory factor ceasing ovulation but this is not always the case as even the man could be the culprit. Malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies in both husband and wife can prevent conception. The fact remains that women who are not able to conceive after several years of marriage are considered as barren and may be stigmatized by self or their environment. Hence, every married woman’s dream is to become a joyful mother of children well respected in the society. Infertility can steal this joy and happiness from faces of women who find it difficult to fulfil this dream. Many may be due to endometriosis and fibroid as well as underlying medical issues but the underlying factor may be stress (physical, chemical and emotional), lifestyle and unhealthy diet triggering hormonal imbalance.


Sometimes blockages along the tubes, vaccines, blood group (e.g. Rhesus) factors, toxins, lack of physical activity, obesity, insufficient and inefficient energy, poor mental status, confidence or low self-esteem and reduced personal relationships, food cravings, and many more may be the undiagnosed causes of infertility.


It is understandable if distant partners having infrequent mating are having difficulty to conceive but that can easily be corrected with timely intercourse when the women keep track of their cycles and both partners meet within the ovulation period.

We use a very different natural holistic approach to restore smiles on faces of many dejected women becoming mothers of a healthy conception and pregnancy.