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Consequent upon a sophisticated premise of disease

Consequent upon a sophisticated premise of disease, conventional medical philosophy has not done justice and the needful to resolve the menace of the ravaging pandemic of chronic, degenerative diseases; including diabetes, hypoglycemia, cancer, indigestion, dysbiosis, hypertension, metabolic imbalance, cardiovascular disease, obesity, hyperinsulinaemia, insulin resistance, hyperlipidaemia, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral artery disease, erectile dysfunction, fibroids, hyperactivity disorders, autistic disorders, infertility, stroke, arthritis, and so on.

Their most favoured and adopted system and strategy- the drug therapy, though amazingly fantastic in emergency situations, may not only worsen the outcome of an existing medical or clinical condition but can also provoke adverse reactions and promote chronicity of otherwise preventable disorder of imbalance, which makes them unreliable, undesirable, and questionable to use for such chronic interventions. However, patients are placed on these chemical poisons for life. So, they live with the pain, agony, penury and the suffering of both their initial complaints and the adverse effects of drugs. It may surprise you to know that most complications emanate from drugs effect due to unnecessary prescription abuse or self--medication with drugs. 

Our philosophy of healing is driven by holistic Nutrition, which is the fundamentals of food as medicine to support the whole being and body for optimum health and performance, and is focused on disease prevention that guarantees the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of health without drugs by using matter and motion for sound mind, and natural holistic nutritional approach tailored to meet specific needs of the biochemical individual, as well as, supplementation, energy therapy, sunshine, rest, exercise, massage and other naturopathic techniques and modalities.

The crux of the matter is that the body is made from food, water and air but not drugs. They generate the energy for quality circulation of blood and an active sewage symtem (lymphatics) for proper disposal of waste and drainage to maintain proper sanitary and hygienic internal environment. Thus, common sense, instinct and logic approve food as medicine. Moreover, the life of the flesh is in the blood.

Therefore, the quantity, quality, purity and flow of blood based on the supply or bioavailable oxygen, water and essential nutrients as well as protective phytochemicals determines health or disease. And any imbalance in these determinants of health results in a disease condition.

Are you currently facing a health challenge?

Are you on drug therapy or prescription drugs to manage your condition?

Do you see yourself living in the bondage of drugs?

Are you tired of taking those drugs for no effects, side effects or short of expectation to end your suffering and have lost faith and hope on them but don’t know what to do?

Are you presently seeking for an alternative solution?

Do you want your life and health back without drugs?

Do you want to live a healthy, drug-free life?

Do you also want to improve the quality of your life and live longer too?

If Yes,

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