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The human skin is the largest organ of the body and it extends inwardly to cover even the surface of the gut and vagina. It serves as a protective organ that interface with the environment. The skin changes constantly throughout our life time. And it regenerates about every 28 days in healthy adult. Although, the turnover rate may vary individually and age plays a major role too. In babes it may take about 14 days and in teenagers about 28 days while it may take about 42 days in some adults and about 84 days in persons 50 years and above.

Though healthy skin has the capacity to regenerate, this is not the same with scarred tissue. Skin regeneration often requires that the right signals be delivered at the right time. During normal wound healing, scars form from dermal cells that align in parallel. But when this alignment is disrupted by a biodegradable scaffold that directs cells to grow in a random orientation, the cells follow the diverse differentiation program necessary for true regeneration.

The skin’s integrity and function can be easily compromised through injury, wear or tear which happens to many on daily basis. However, little is known about how to prevent skin degeneration. We utilize a simple natural methods and the protein-fat combination formula while preventing inflammation to rejuvenate the skin and dissolve scars.