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Cells control their gene activity without necessarily changing the DNA sequence. This phenomenon is called Epigenetics. The environment is a major stimulus for epigenetic change. As such the environment significantly contributes in shaping our life and influences human behaviour. Different individuals respond differently to same environment and treatment including foods based on their biochemical individuality. This justifies no size fits all and one man’s meat could be another man’s poison. Therefore, identifying individual metabolic type and tailoring treatment customized for same individual thus optimizes the genotype and maximizes the phenotype for peak performance, better adaptation and survival.  It is advisable to treat the person that has the dis-ease rather than treating the disease and this is the missing link and treatment gap in both allopathic medicine and alternative practice when health care providers focus on treating the disease, the symptom, the deficiency, and the dysfunction rather than the individual.

Freedom from symptoms is desirable; but, restoration of physiological, biochemical and metabolic balance and efficiency a return to optimal health and function where therapeutics are no longer required makes the difference.

To be successful, we must seek for ways to build health instead of treat disease. A revolutionary discovery happened in 1983: “Any nutrient and any food can have virtually opposite chemical influence in different individuals- metabolic types, and any adverse symptom or degenerative condition can arise due to virtually opposite biochemical imbalances.”

This means that two people with the same degenerative disease can have virtually opposite biochemical imbalances, and that when two opposite biochemical protocols are administered, both get well, then this clearly means that it’s not the diseases that should be treated but the underlying metabolic imbalances that have caused the diseases that need be addressed. From this viewpoint, the diseases are the symptoms, the manifestation, the expressions of the underlying imbalances.

Research has uncovered the fact that every nutrient and every food has a specific inhibitory or stimulatory effect on one or more of the fundamental homeostatic systems (tens of thousands of metabolic processes governing the body fall under the control and regulation of just a few fundamental homeostatic systems) and on one side or other of these homeostatic control mechanisms.

Whether any food or supplement is ‘’good’’ or ‘’bad’’ depends on the particular biochemical balance of the individual in question, meaning which fundamental homeostatic mechanism is out of balance and what the effect of the nutrient in question will be on that imbalanced system will it improve the imbalance or worsen the imbalance?

Metabolic imbalance is the root and genesis of virtually all diseases- disturbances in the internal environment, which also includes allergies. But, successful, predictable, reliable therapy can only be chosen once you know the Metabolic Type of the patient because only then will you know how nutrients behave in their metabolism.

Virtually all individuals react negatively to some substance during their lifetime. This sensitivity is commonly called allergy, which is an expression of the body’s defences against substances it does not tolerate well. We are perhaps most individual in the kinds of things we react to and the ways in which we react. Thus only individuals can take responsibility for their own health to identify and minimize their sensitivity. In other words, the way you live can either improve your health or harm you. Infact, your food can be killing you especially your favourite foods. Moreover, the daily repetition of common foods such as wheat and wheat products, milk products, peanut butter, beef, sugar, alcohol and corn products may be responsible for the allergic symptoms of majority of patients.

The way out will be to keep a food and ecological diary, fasting, elimination and rotational diet with observations of pulse rate and various allergic symptoms.

Dr. Arthur F. Coca, M.D. developed the pulse dietary test to determine those foods to which you may be personally allergic.